Auro Chocolate (also known as Filipinas Oro de Cacao, Inc.) is a PEZA-registered chocolate company in the Philippines. 

Our journey began in 2010 when we started searching for cacao in the Philippines. We met a lot of eager farmers along the way who were instrumental in helping us find what we were looking for. After further exploration, we ended up in the heart of Davao where we stumbled upon Criollo Porcelana, the rarest cacao variety. However, since Criollo had long been abandoned, we need to restore, refine and polish this forgotten treasure so that it may once again be transformed into gold.

Auro Chocolate was thus born out of our passion for chocolate and desire to help. We are setting up a state-of-the-art facility and building lasting partnerships with farmer cooperatives so that together we can create the finest Filipino chocolate that truly reflects the skill and craftsmanship of everyone involved.

We are taking the “bean-to-bar” concept further by being directly involved in every step of the process: from incentivising cacao farmers to grow the best beans to perfecting the art and science of chocolate-making. We start with the seed, not simply the bean. Through this, we hope to create delicately crafted products that contribute towards the ethical and sustainable development of an industry with a long history of exploitation.


Cacao is an integral part of Filipino culture due to its long history in the Philippines. During the period of Spanish colonialization, Criollo first came to our shores aboard Acapulco galleons from the Americas in 1670. Filipinos began to make their own form of hot chocolate locally known as tsokolate, which is made from discs of crudely ground cocoa nibs known as tablea or sikwate— a tradition often passed from one generation to another.

While we aim to honor the long and rich history of cacao in the Philippines, we also want to elevate the standard of cocoa production by investing in technology. We are working with leading manufacturers such as Netzsch and Buhler to set up a modern chocolate factory that would allow us to optimize the inherent quality of our cocoa beans, allowing for a seamless fusion of nature and technology.


The real secret to producing the best chocolate ultimately lies in the partnerships that you create. That is why we are fully committed to treating all our partners fairly to help build better relationships for a better future.

Our goal is to make a truly single-origin product where everything is grown, refined and perfected in the Philippines. We are striving towards realizing a Filipino dream: to produce a uniquely Filipino chocolate that can be shared with you and the rest of the world. Together we can put the Philippines on the cocoa map by creating something we can proudly call Filipino.