Auro Chocolate is a proudly Filipino, bean-to-bar chocolate company that sustainably sources our cocoa beans directly from local farming communities in Davao while doing our part to restore the Philippines’ heirloom varieties. We buy our beans at higher value to inspire quality and to give farmers the opportunity to improve their standard of living.

AU, the chemical symbol for gold in the periodic table combined with ORO, meaning gold in Filipino and Spanish, represents a new way of looking at an old tradition which is exactly what our company aims to represent.


We go beyond “bean-to-bar” by involving ourselves in every step of the process. We offer constant support to farmers and teach them organic farming and business management fundamentals. We buy our beans at higher value to inspire quality and to give farmers the opportunity to improve their standard of living.

We take the “bean-to-bar” concept further by understanding and involving ourselves in every step of the process.


Auro directly purchases all of its cocoa beans from cacao farmers who share the same values. We are committed to building fair and sustainable partnerships that empower farmers to continuously improve both yield and quality.


The common issues farmers face are the lack of infrastructure, reliance on expensive inputs and poor management. To address these, we offer constant support by teaching farmers the necessary skills they need to succeed such as organic farming methods and farm business management.




In order to achieve our goal of placing the Philippines on the world cocoa map as a source and producer of fine cocoa and chocolate, we use a unique pricing structure that offers significant price premiums to incentivize farmers to improve quality and cultivate better varieties.



The path of cacao to the Philippines started in 1670, when a ship docked on our shores bearing treasure in the form of a rare fruit. Cacao was so coveted that our ancestors developed a rich cultural tradition of turning it into drinking chocolate. This tradition was then passed down from generation to generation, and spread far and wide. Despite the Philippines being the first in Asia to grow cacao, our country is far from maximizing its true potential.

To elevate the standards of cocoa and chocolate production in the Philippines, we have invested in a 2,000 sqm factory equipped with the latest European technology. Our facility located in Calamba, Laguna is designed to meet the strictest international  standards. This factory does more than just producing fine chocolate. We have designed the factory specifically for learning and collaboration to invite everyone, both public and professionals alike, to appreciate the bean-to-bar chocolate making process as much as we do.